We Need to Have a Revolution by Lenn Delorie

There are a couple of important issues that are on my mind today. Bill C-51 is the first issue and for Canadians this is the crossroads of our society. When Bill C-51 becomes a law, Canada becomes a police state, and will become United States north. When that comes to pass, you can point the finger of blame at yourself. Stephen Harper is counting on you to not be aware that your rights are rapidly being taken away. Now I have written for years about him and I could write for another ten years about leaders like him, because if you do not stand up for your rights. Right now, this very day, and start organizing yourselves then you will be run over like a train, and three months from now you will be living in a country where you will have to be careful what you say to somebody, or you could end up in jail. Get off your butts people, go down to your nearest town, city, village and march. Make sure that they know you are out there marching for your rights. Did you know that Harper ordered the CBC not to cover a story where the federal government was getting sued, because they lost.

http://www.maxresistance.com/total-news-blackout-in-canada-people-vs-central-bank/Jan 26 2015 Today COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform EST. 1986) and constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati won yet another round of appeals. Galati the most prominent constitutional lawyer in the country says he does not believe Canada is a democracy any longer and that the media is controlled by the government.

You have to ask yourself a really hard question. Do you want to live in a matrix, where the government will be building super prisons, and then try to fill them, which means Bill C-51 is going to be enforced to the maximum. The government will remove every right you currently enjoy, and all you have to do is look south to the States to see what could happen. In Colorado it is a federal crime to catch rain water in a barrel or cistern.

We do not have a right to water it is a commodity and can be privatized. With the erosion of our rights, and you have to be absolutely certain that it will be privatized, and Harper will take it one step further, when he privatizes a river, lake or stream. He has already torn up many agreements that keep our rivers and streams safe. Can you say with absolute certainty that he won’t sell our water down the river to the highest bidder in the States.

Will we fight wars over water? In my world, no! In your world, well that is really up for you to decide, whether you live in a matrix, in a police state, with very little free will of any significance is up to you. If you read this and it does not stir you to protest. Then you deserve the matrix you will find yourself living in. All you have to do is get out there and march, we need to shut down everything and remove Harper.

Now if these words are not enough to get you out in protest, then the next few sentences will probably go flying over your head as well, but here goes. Did you know that Stephen Harper , Elizabeth Windsor and Joseph Ratzinger were all convicted of genocide in the World court. This was why the Pope resigned, Windsor, who doesn’t deserve her title, was almost arrested in Rome, and Harper, who is a cabal stooge, and has made a mockery of democracy. He prorogued parliament in 2008, when the NDP and Bloc were going to remove him from power, with a non confidence vote, and then in 2009 he did it again, with the excuse that he was closing parliament for the next two months, so they could celebrate the Winter Olympics, in reality, he didn’t want to answer questions about Afghan detainees. I really hope that people wake up to the reality of what they are facing and launch a real protest, that the government can not ignore and stop allowing Harper’s rewrite of the laws, whenever it suits him, because I can use a crystal ball and seeing the future. A future where many laws are changed and the police will have even more powers to detain.

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