Welcome to the New Year

Hello everyone, as you can see the Magnetic Moon is quite complicated at first glance. I would suggest easing yourself into the process, if you are unfamiliar.calendar pic

Before we get started it would be helpful if you would find out your own galactic signature. I have found over the years that this site is the easiest to use, and has a good explanation of what each dreamspell means. Above you will see an example of one of the days. From top left to right is: 1st – red serpent, there are 20 solar signs in the Astro-wave calendar. solar

To the right of the serpent image is two bars and two dots, this is a galactic tone. A bar signifies 5 and a dot is one. The galactic tone for this day is 12 and the 12th month in the calendar is the crystal moon. The kin number is kin 25, the reason their is a kin number is that the tzolkein is 260 days long so their is 13 moons or tones and 20 solar signs.

The calendars 13 moons are:

Magnetic:  galactic tone one, wavespell  “What is my purpose?”

Lunar: galactic tone two, wavespell  “What is my challenge?”

Electric: galactic tone three, wavespell “How can I best serve?”

Self-Existing:  galactic tone four, wavespell “What form will my service take?”

Overtone: galactic tone five, wavespell “How can I best empower myself?”

Rhythmic: galactic tone six, wavespell “How can I extend my equality to others?”

Resonant: galactic tone seven, wavespell “How can I attune my service to others?”

Galactic: galactic tone eight,  wavespell “Do I live what I believe?”

Solar: galactic tone nine, wavespell “How do I attain my purpose?”

Planetary: galactic tone ten, wavespell “How do I perfect what I do?”

Spectral: galactic tone eleven, wavespell “How do I release and let go?”

Crystal: galactic tone twelve, wavespell “How can I dedicate myself to all that is?”

Cosmic: galactic tone thirteen, wavespell “How can I expand my joy and love?

Find your Galactic signature