The Khazarian Mafia

In the preceding article Fulford talks about the Khazarian Mafia and the Clinton Presidential campaign. For those who are unaware about this mafia, here are some highlights. This mafia has been controlling the world for thousands of years and have their birthplace somewhere near Turkey. Since that time they have been playing kingmaker, and putting those people who they want into power. They tried many times to conquer the world influencing Alexander and Rome to expand their realms. They settled in England and have been ruling there ever since, along with the Vatican, who bought the United States when it went bankrupt in the 1800’s. They made Washington DC into a separate entity and controlled all the banking in London and religion in Rome.

In the early 1900’s the Titanic sailed for the first and last time. Six hundred bankers were aboard that ship on there way to a conference on how to change the banking system, that was fairer for the people. With the competition gone the United States and President Woodrow Wilson changed the banking system, and this brought about a world war and a depression, where the elite could foreclose on properties and buy them for a pittance. They had a plan and that plan would see a second world war, to end the depression.

That war was funded by the same side, and was a proxy war between the United States and Russia. It never did matter who won the war, the plan had always been to bring in project paperclip and take over the USA by covert actions.  Project paperclip was just the transfer of German Scientists to the US to help build the space program. That was subterfuge at its finest, as Germany already had a spaceship which allied pilots called foo fighters. Those foo fighters had been used to put settlements on the moon and Mars.

Since Hiroshima the Khazarian Mafia have been trying to start a nuclear war. Their plan was to live in their specially built bunkers until the useless eaters were exterminated, and then come back out to a brand new world.

On August 16th/17th of 1987 the Harmonic Convergence happened, and this upset the mafia, because it meant they no longer had as much time to get rid of the useless eaters. In 1996 the Archon’s surrendered to the light, which meant that the Khazarian Mafia should have surrendered as well, but they didn’t want to give up their slaves, so since that time they have trying to start world war 3, but that got harder and harder, first the Berlin wall was taken down, and then more importantly people were choosing to become peaceful, and were opting for a different world. The sixties and seventies were a great time of change for everyone, and the Khazarian Mafia had plans to control the world and those plans started with the Vietnam war.

The Vietnam war was all about the trade of opium and when soldiers were killed in that war, opium and other drugs were shipped home in coffins. Then it was distributed to the mafia and other criminal organizations, who made sure that America got stoned, and that getting stoned was the hip thing to do.

They controlled the media, with MK Ultra successfully controlling one of the most famous actresses – Marilyn Monroe! President Kennedy saw what was happening to Monroe and tried to stop it, and along with his efforts to get rid of the central banks, doomed him. Part 2 tomorrow.