Harmonic Convergence


Today is the 30th anniversary of the Harmonic Covergence and I have always wanted to write a This is That piece about this event. For those people not familiar with This is That it is a program on CBC radio. The format for this show is 5 minute skits, some of them have made people upset about them.


The setting of this skit is the moon.

EmCee – We are live now with this historic event. Before the show begins we have a special guest, Jesus. Thank you for explaining what is going to happen JC.

Jesus- It’s my pleasure… if somebody would have told me that this was going to happen, when I walked the Earth, I would have thought you were smoking something a little funny. So what will happen in the next few hours is that the Universal Creator will take his special scales out and weigh the planet Earth.

EmCee- What, get out of town, no way really.

Jesus – Yeah really, when I told one of the Archangels what was going to happen. He mentioned something about the Creator channeling too much of the Far Side. But hold on were about to begin the ceremony. Usually we just measure the frequency of the planet, however, its so close that Dad has to use his scales, but first he has take all the people off the planet and onto the giant scale thats just being put into place.

EmCee-Won’t the people on the Earth figure theres something up?

Jesus-Nah, most of them are not even close to awake. It’s lucky we are not measuring the awakened, because there pretty rare… like an honest politician.

EmCee-it looks like were ready to do the weighing, hold on, what are we weighing?

Jesus- Oh right, we are measuring to see whether the Earth is light or dense. 

EmCee-And how do they do that JC.

Jesus- Well the people on the Earth are divided into two groups, those that are service to others, and those that are service to self. After two world wars and a bunch of idiots in government, the betting has gone pretty heavily on the service to self. Keep this to yourself but I know a couple of guys with wings that will be looking for a new job if the service to others wins.

EmCee-I guess the chances of Earth evolving are pretty remote, but… what the heck just happened. Folks you won’t believe this, Jesus is doing cartwheels and there are fireworks coming from a lot of the ships. Just let me chase down Jesus.

Jesus- Sorry about that, I just heard the results of the Convergence, there are more people that are sevice-to-others, take that you naysayers. Now you will want to watch the Earth, Gaia is about to put on a great show. Look at her she has such a glow.

I hope you have enjoyed my spoof on a special event that really happened 30 years ago. Gaia has steadily risen in her Schumann resonance. In 87 when this event took place Earths frequency was 7.8, since that time the Earths heartbeat has almost reached 200. Blessings everyone and soon we will be living in our new Unity Consciousness world.

Before you can receive you have to believe, if you want to live in the new world…