False Flags and Scattered Attention


August 21st is also a big day for the cabal that is running this world. They know that they could lose everything by the time the month of August is over. The cabal has realized that they are in the last stages of ruling over this planet, and their desperate to make sure that people cannot focus totally on the eclipse. For this reason there is most likely going to be a false flag event or fake news that will capture the worlds attention. This must not happen and it is up to us to be strong in the face of all the chaos that could be happening at that time. Looking at the chart for the solar eclipse an astrologist immediately sees the kite and three grand trines. What isn’t seen right away is the grand cross, which is one of the most devastating astrological alignments to have. The two squares seen in the chart are keyed on Jupiter and Venus. How can it be that such a great chart can be torn apart. If you read the total chart then that would be the case, however, as the Schumann resonance rises, there will be a definite separation or bifurcation of the densities. The answer to the chart that is complex, however with a separation of the densities there is the making of two planets. The kite and grand trines belong to the 5th dimensional Unity Consciousness world, and the grand cross belongs to 3rd dimensional Earth. The 3rd dimensional  Earth has finally chosen a path, and anybody that loves this planet will not want to follow Trump down the yellow brick world, because it is going to get ugly, and Regina Meredith said that she has never seen so many hateful acts being committed in the States against innocent people. Those people that have chosen to turn their eyes from becoming awake and aware won’t have the power or love needed to make anything a success, the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus are pulling against each other and the love on Earth is at this time very divisive and polarized.

For those people who want to live on new Earth, it needs to be understood, you can not bring your baggage with you. You must be a service to others oriented person, which means over half of your time is spent doing things for other people, and the second you practice non-love you will be bounced back to the 3rd dimension.

Non love cannot exist in a Unity Consciousness world!

The people that have a high Schumann resonance, want  transparency. Because they are awake and aware, and for the most part in touch with their higher mind they can tell by interfacing with a person whether they are real or not. Emotion is the catalyst for great change and when the people rise up against those that wish to control those who have made the choice to live in the new world. In the blink of an eye, which is as much time as it takes to change their perspective, people will be free. 

Astrologist will notice that in the above chart, both Venus and Pluto play no part in the kite, or the grand trines. Pluto is a financial planet, it also rules the underworld among many things. Money may still play a part in the new world, however the spell of Babylonian money magic, which makes us a slave to money, will have been removed.  On 3rd dimensional Earth the law of time is money = energy(time) on a 5th dimensional planets the formula is art = energy(time).  So for those living in the Unity Consciousness world, live to do whatever they are passionate about, whether it is training dogs,making music or building things or enjoying the world and all it has to offer. Somebody has to enjoy the creations, and if you take great pleasure in taking in the food and entertainment and beautiful people, no one will care, as long as you love what you do and show that appreciation to people, everybody wins.

Natives are Restless

I live in Canada, and when I write, most of the times, I write about the people of the United States. They are restless, and are opposed to the massive controls that the government wants to put in place. The book I am reading now by Barbara Kingsolver called “Flight Behaviour” is about Monarch butterflies and the effect climate change is having on them, it is also about the conditions that people in Tennessee and all over America are facing, where education is just a tool to put sports programs in place, and where the Sciences and Math are being taught by PE teachers. This is not just isolated to the States, I would imagine that all of the six kids I helped raise went through this degraded system, my son complained that his Social Studies teacher had no clue where Uganda was on a map, and the teacher didn’t really care. My daughter had as her Math teacher a neighbourhood friend of mine, he went to school to become a shop teacher, and although he was a nice guy, he was not qualified to teach high school math.

They have been trying to dumb us down since the sixties, and up until recently they were doing it subtly, they knew that education in America was becoming a problem, but would not admit that most of their college graduates were no where near as capable as those from other countries with the same education. Don’t get me wrong there are still thousands of brilliant academics who are just as gifted and talented as those that win the Nobel prizes, but they are scarcer and more importantly picked up by companies and those people have restrictions on what they can say, or do.

As the frequency of Earth rises the covers of subterfuge have been removed. A website I follow just posted an article about how Google is becoming just like 1984, Stillness in the Storm with censoring as will Face book. They no longer care what people think and their only goal is to control the citizens, because they know that nothing can stop them, and that those who are aware enough to stop them will turn their focus to another world.

The global elite will be left with a third dimensional planet, that is trashed, which is karmic in nature, and if people want to use their home as a garbage dump, not caring what lives or dies, then they are welcome to their end game. The Mercury and  Neptune opposition in Scopio and Pisces, means that people will be insensitive to others and that their dreams turn into  nightmares. When your dreams are about money and power, with no regard to the biosphere then you will always be searching for your dreams and how you treat others will be how they treat you.

August 19th Webcast

On August 19th Jim Self from Mastering Alchemy, Steve Rother from Lightworkers and Geoffrey Hoppe of the Crimson Circle will hold a web cast at 2pm mst. Here is what Jim Self has written about it. 


We’re undergoing the biggest changes in the history of the planet… changes that are coming at an unprecedented rate. Three world-class authors and channelers are coming together to talk candidly about the information they are receiving about what comes next. Do they all have the same perspective about the changes? Not exactly. Do they all know that big changes are coming? Absolutely!

With extraordinary changes taking place in every facet of human life –  from business and politics, to technology and climate change – we live in a time like nothing else ever experienced on Earth. Jim Self, Steve Rother and Geoffrey Hoppe felt called to get together on stage for the first time ever to discuss our changing world, with insights from the angelic realms that might surprise some, and for others confirm what they are already feeling.



Next Saturday, will be very informative, and it may just be time to cut the cake and have a party. Until that time the cabal may have some distractions for us. They are desperate enough that they may try and start a war – if they could have.


Condition Critical

We need to answer a simple question: can the cabal continue to control the people or can the people overthrow the governments? There can be no war or revolution during this process of taking down the cabal, as this will result in a further lockdown. In September there is a good chance that if the cabal has not fallen, they will institute some kind of slow down in air traffic, and there could be chances of people being delayed in airports for more than a couple of days. These airport delays were meant to condition you.


The conditions in the United States are getting worse and there is probably only 15% of the population that could come up with $500 in emergency. Anything that happens in the United States, that has to do with money, is going to freak a lot of people out. Now that they have lost their healthcare and are bankrupt not only financially, but morally. The rest of the world other than China is not wanting to support the United States, and Trump is to blame for some of this back turning. The federal government of the United States is owned by the Vatican and has been since the late 1800’s. They must make payment on their loan on the debt on September 30th and they were unable to save Peurto Rico.


The United States, and a few other countries are ruled by Admiral Law, which became the law , in 1845, when Congress passed an act saying Admiralty law could come on land, which means that you are governed by maritime law. Hence, you are nothing more than a boat to the government, and the banks. When you are born you are given birth to, when a ship is launched it is berthed. You and that ship are insured for a financial amount. When a ship is lost at sea or sank by some means, the insurance on that ship is paid off to the owner. You are a ship, if you get killed somehow then the insurance is collected by the government. If you have been reading alternative news for a long time you will realize that your government is trying to kill you off, the medical industry, rather than try to keep you in good health, is trying to kill you. They have just released findings that leaves no doubt that chemotherapy, rather than healing you, actually spreads the cancer throughout the body. The bioengineering being done on the skies of our planet, they say is done to prevent global warming is actually chemtrails that are full of all kinds of lethal carcinogenic’s, that over time will change and poison the water and the ground. Growing a crop of vegetables, to eat for the nutrients and the vitamins, is almost a waste of time.

A New Age will Dawn

This world is going to separate the wheat from the chaff, as predicted in the Bible. When you live in a fifth dimensional world there is no non-love, there is a only love. Those crops that have been poisoned, do not have an effect on a fifth dimensional person. Those people who make the choice to not become aware of what is happening on this planet, will not become fifth dimensional people, they will not have a high enough Schumann resonance and will still be practicing acts of non-love, that will not allow them to stay in a unity consciousness world, even if they wanted to. A unity consciousness world is a world of service, service to others and not to the self. However, when you are totally service to others, you greatly benefit yourself and when you are working on your body metaphysically you are both service to others 100% and service to self 100%. Simply, the breath is your link to the creator, and when you breathe in the infinity breath you connect to the creator, and you become one.