An Ending and a New Beginning

Aluminum-Speed-Bump-Sign-K-2061There are all kinds of road signs that will highlight this month. Most of them would be diamonds with a checkered pattern, warning us to proceed with caution. There is chaos ahead for those people who are not aware that the 3rd dimensional Earth is ending, which needs to happen before people who have been working and living in the 5th dimension will see their new home, a unity consciousness world.

Getting the Big Picture

There are many tipping points this month, and with those marks reached the old 3d will continue to dissolve and in British Columbia, go up in smoke. This process will accelerate and those that have decided that they need to spend more time in the old world, will be able to take another trip around the zodiac if they wish, there is nothing bad about having to do this, you just feel that you are not ready to release the drama from your life. There is no time, so that trip will be like the blink of the eye, and you will be ready to join your loved ones in the new world. These choices have already been made by all of us; and although families will stay together there are people who have made choices that will not allow them to graduate to the new world. There would be too much work involved in learning how to be a creator again and not enough time left to do so.

Enhance your Life

This month you are urged to make changes that enhance your life. One of the biggest changes that you can make is to be service to others. If you are suffering from depression or any other kind of neurological problems the best thing you can do for yourself and others is to do something for other people. On Gaia tv recently Regina Meredith was interviewing Eldon Taylor a Psycopen-minds_series_hero_0hologist who had a patient that was completely out of sorts, and had been treated by a world-famous Psychologist. Taylor agreed to see this woman on a ten-week trial. She had to keep a journal and do a good deed once a day for a person she didn’t know or one she did not like. Within 5 weeks she was off drugs and feeling great and sleeping. She learned that self-esteem is something you get from what you give, and that her life made a difference to other 143561_om_s9e3_reclaiming-your-free-will_w_eldon-taylor_16x9people. Whether you are a carpenter, technologist, or astrologer, what your life is all about is service, it feels good to serve someone other than yourself. I write these blogs to be of service to humanity, not because I make any money from them.

The woman in the above story changed her perspective and her personality. When you have the awareness that by changing your perspective you can modify your life dramatically you have reached a great achievement in your development.

Astrological Focus on the Eclipses.

Would be a great time to watch the stars, if my area wasn’t blanketed in smoke. As I write this the first big eclipse is happening. Those people with planets that are at 14° +/- 7° this eclipse is going to affect you in someway. The second eclipse will put a bullseye on 29° +/- 7° and this placement puts both our Sun and Moon at the anaretic degree, which is between 29 and 30 degrees. This is when a planet is at full power in that sign. This is a sign that we are very close to mastering an important lesson of the universe, and that it is only when the lesson of that planet is mastered that you may move on and progress spiritually and universally. The Sun indicates a need to focus more on your identity and your sense of self. With the Moon, the people of Earth need to answer the question, “Who are we?” We need to open ourselves up and communicate our true feelings.  With the Sun at full power in Leo there is going to be things happening, at that time or in the distant future, and with the sitting President of the United States Ascendant in the crosshairs of this formation, it is almost a certainty that there will be a dramatic change for Donald Trump.

The Kite of Destiny

Fo0703grtrinekite_venus2r the world, this ecli

pse makes the formation of a kite, with Jupiter in Libra, which gives us success and the balance we need to advance into the future. Saturn in Sagittarius at 21°, which is 6° away from being aligned the c

enter of the Galaxy, this gives us the will and fortitude to make the changes needed. Mars in Leo, gifts us the movement necessary and rulership of the Earth if we can throw off the chains that have been holding us back. The last planet in the kite is Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the key to the kite, this planet wants change, and it is shaking the foundations of all the structures that all that the global elite hold tight to their chests. Aries is the sign of new beginnings. This is an evolutionary chart, however there are some troublesome alignments in the chart, which I will detail in the next article.

Three Grand Trines

There is another astrological formation happening in Leo and Virgo, and this is called a stellium.  Together with Saturn and Uranus, there are three grand trines, four if you include the north node of the moon in the chart of this planet at the time of the eclipse. Five astrological placements: Mercury, Sun, Moon, North Node of the Moon and Mars are all within 18°. Of those

five placements only Mercury does not make a grand trine, and this is very auspicious for the ushering in of a new world. Just a reminder, when there is an astrological event a chart is drawn up and like the birth chart of a child, this chart represents the birth of a new phase in Earths existence.


Pluto is the planet of transformation and regeneration, and for most of 1957 it was in Leo, those people born in June to September will be feeling this eclipse quite strongly and it will have a pretty dramatic affect on them, especially if they are aware of the transformation that our world is going through. If we are going to get the most out of this eclipse series you will need to focus our thoughts on seeing a brand-new world. Between the 1st of August and the 5th the frequency of Earth doubled, by the 21st the people of Earth through prayer, meditation, being of service to others and just spreading the love, can help lift this world and its people back into the 5th dimension where it belongs.

When the fall of consciousness happened there was only one planet that fell into the 3rd dimension. Earth!  Gaia is a 12th dimensional planet and we are creators, who love to play and laugh. When you laugh you boost your immune system and enhance your chakras. In India and other places people practice laughing yoga, I think they are showing us the way to the future.


Emerald Gate

Tomorrow is called the Lions gate, and this allows the feminine, emerald ray; and light-bodymasculine, magenta ray to stream through to our planet. The feminine energy is anti matter and is made up of curves, the masculine energy is matter and is composed of straight lines. You must have masculine energy to contain the feminine energy. This creates a trinity and birth of creativity between the energies. This feminine energy is what we have been missing for so long on this planet.