Dimension Shift

Donald Trump is the most transparent President since Jimmy Carter. He is also the most divisive leader ever. He made it impossible for people to keep straddling the fence and not ever make any choices, as to their preference in policies. They hated the way Trump denigrated minorities and they started protesting, and marching against his ways. Trump was so transparent, you either loved him or you hated him, every subject was black or white for him.gallery-1464378568-border-fence

People mourned Clinton, they knew it would be business as usual if she was elected; that she was crooked and opaque, but they didn’t care. All I will say is that there were two faces to the first lady.  A smiling face on one side, knife in the back on the other. She was so mean and nasty to the people in the secret service, that the helicopter she rode in was called the “Witches Broom” by those dedicated to protect her.

On August 16th, 1987, the Harmonic Convergence occurred; this is the process used to measure the planets vibration or, to ascertain whether it was light or dense.  At that time Schumann resonance or heartbeat of Gaia was only 7.8 hertz. It had stayed that way for rainbow-bridgethe last 2000 years or more. Since the Trump election it has jumped to over 110.  This is astounding news and means that a lot of people have decided that they are not happy with Trump as the President, and are disgusted by the way he acts, they have decided that love is the answer and that inclusion of all people no matter what they believe is the future of our world, which some people, including myself, will be a Star Trek way of life.  We are all divine beings and I celebrate you.


Humanity is rapidly approaching a crossroads and this August the energies will intensify substantially, with Lion’s gate and two eclipses, the solar eclipse will be seen throughout Canada and the United States. Today Mars is conjunct with the Sun in the first day of Leo, and this is also a new moon, which means It is the perfect moment to harness the fire of your motivation to dive into projects and create new opportunities, and express yourself with authentic integrity. The 2nd New Moon in Leo concludes with solar-eclipse-2016a powerful Solar Eclipse on August 21st, that is just a few degrees from the North Node and it also is conjunct Donald Trump’s ascendant, and trine Uranus.  It is the perfect storm of confluent energies merging into a colossal redirect for Gaia and humanity. When this solar eclipse happens, there are parts of both Canada and the United States that will be in complete darkness for 2 minutes. Historically this is the time when many priests would sacrifice people to the gods.

Meg Benedicte from Ascension Energies believes that this will create a zero-point reset of future timelines, and that we need to expect sudden shifts and shocking surprises while the eclipse energy ripples through the collective. Adding to the eclipse impact is many of the rapid changes that have happened since 2011  and can be attributed to the revolutionary/evolutionary Uranus-Pluto square. The intense battle between Light and Dark and the destiny of our future hinges on this reset point – forging a new trajectory away from dark cabal’s devastation and into the realm of unity consciousness. The Great Shift is gaining momentum now as we ramp up to an intense August – don’t take your eyes off the goal. It is within our grasp!


We are beings of vibration. The higher frequency that we are, the more ability we will have to be able to deal with this energy from the solar eclipse. We have solar rays coming to us all the time and most of the time we deal with them fine. When an astrological phenomenon like an eclipse happens, there are solar codes sent to us in these rays and then our body must process them, and the subconscious will make changes to the body. If you have a body that is of high enough vibration then the codes are adapted, and sent to Gaia for her to use. If you are too dense to use the codes you become sick, and you need to work through some of the density by paying attention to your bodies needs and then eventually you can use the codes, and get better. You may leave the body and return home at that time if you are too dense to make the changes.

Adult Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) fluke-up dive (note the notches and scars in the flukes) in the offshore waters of

In 1987 when the Universe realized Gaia would ascend to her 12th dimensional Gaia body, there was a lot of celebration by people who wanted a Unity Consciousness 5th dimensional world. World War 2 was the darkest time for the people of the Earth, it was so dense that the only way the spiritual light quotient on this planet could be held up, was by help of the dolphins, whales, bees and butterflies. Without their help, this world would have collapsed. To see ascension to a higher dimension in less than a hundred years is shocking. For the skeptics, out there who don’t believe there are different dimensions, it has been scientifically proven that there are more than three dimensions. higsA Physicist studying the Higs-Boson string theory, (Big Bang Theory fans, this is what Sheldon studies) stated that there must be a higher dimension or a small magnet would never be able to pick up a needle, displacing the pull of gravity.

The Harmonic Convergence meant change. The dark rulers of Earth don’t like anything new and they kind of liked their slaves, and they decided to do everything in their power to make sure this planet descended. The list of crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by the dark in the last thirty years, is a long one, and for the most part they controlled the planets key resource, the United States, and came within a hair of sucking all the money into an off-shore account, causing an economic collapse and camps for all the people who could not afford to live on their own. There was a show “Torchwood” by the same makers of “Dr Who?”  that showed quite graphically what would become of people that entered thosetorchwood_wallpaper_by_docwardo camps.

If this economic collapse had happened the good old USA would have become insolvent, and the same kind of moral atrocity that happened in the depression would be relived. All of the countries real estate would be swept up by the bankers, and then they could have a world war and wipe out 90% of the world population, which was their greatest desire.


Luckily, there were enough groups and alliances, from this planet and the Galactic Federation that had more than enough of the dark cabal running Earth. The alliance, closed the tunnels the global elite had put in, and suddenly the cabal could no longer start a nuclear war, and then retreat to their underground bunkers and wait until the radiation was gone. Then the Basil 3 protocol came into law and they were no longer able to print their own money, and they suddenly had rules that they had to live by! However, they still they had an ace in the hole, which was the President, who was a pawn of the cabal. There has not been a President since Jimmy Carter that has not been controlled by the cabal, until Donald Trump!  Isaac Asimov one of my favourite writers, wrote a series called Foundation, where a device would predict the future and historians could guide humanity to a perfect existence. What they didn’t count on was the Mule, who was a wild card that no one could predict. Trump fits that description, and because he was rich enough that he couldn’t be controlled, throughout the election? None of the cabal could harness him, and they all prayed that he got assassinated. Yet he persists! And he is transparent, what he says, no matter how uncouth, is what he believes.

As we approach Aufoundgust, there is no doubt that this world is taking off to a whole new level. The higher the Schumann resonance, the faster time flows, and until we quit following mechanical time, which was put into place to keep track of taxes and religious holidays, we will feel the effects of time.

Non-love lowers the heartbeat of Gaia, and when an atrocity happens like war, people become divisive and non-love proliferates, until such a time as it becomes just the same old rhetoric; easily ignored. The dark cabal has tried to throw on the brakes, and slow down the shift. The heads of the dark cabal are not even from this world, and a world with a higher vibration will prevent them from fooling us with their masks, that hide their true identities. On a Unity Consciousness world there is only love, deception is non-love and will not be allowed, neither will war, fear or any other malaise.


Although we have carbon-based bodies, we are also photonic light beings, and we decode frequency into mass using our pineal gland. Because we can’t see something, does not mean it is not there; it may be just too high of a frequency for our eyes to convert to our own wavelength. How high of frequency we can convert all depends on how high your personal Schumann resonance is. There are groups of people on this planet that we just can’t see, and the Anastazi Indians, long thought extinct as a tribe, still live on the Rio Grande in New Mexico. They are 5th dimensional people who have removed non-love from their existence and practice unity consciousness in all things.


Time is circular and an illusion, as there is only present time, and if you want to create your own life, you need to stay in the Now and start following a program of your own discernment that will help you remove all the impediments to being able to create your own future. In the future, we may only follow time by following the moon and other astronomical alignments.

This world will undergo changes in the coming decades, and there are indications that those who have decided to live on a 5th dimensional world will see that happen. David Wilcock on “Wisdom Teachings” a show on Gaia tv has painstakingly shown that the redshift astronomers have taught that that redshift is the distance to a star, are wrong – it is another dimension.

30760_Wisdom_Teachings_Series_16x9Wilcock has scientific evidence proven by Dr. Halton Harp and Dr. Harold Aspden, and other Scientists, that our sun is headed towards this galactic shift, by proving that there are different dimensions and domains. Our sun is at this time, at the bow shock of this domain wall, which is a magnetic field 30 light years wide, at a temperature of 6000 degree Celsius. When we enter this cloud, it will mean a change in our dimension. We come across these other dimensions every 600,000 years, and Scientists have graphs that show, that every time this length of time has happened there has been an evolution of some kind. With one species evolving to another way of life.solarsystemwiki-heliosheath-300x253


Another proof to this hypothesis is the fact that, not only is Earth going through a climate change; all the other planets and planetary bodies in this solar system are undergoing these changes as well.cosmicdisclosure_banner_fb_1200x628_b  Cory Goode has talked during his “Cosmic Disclosure” show on Gaia about the sun giving off a sudden flash and that the dimensional shift will happen at the same time. This has some legs, as it could be that when this happens our sun will enter the new dimension that Aspden and Harp have talked about, along with the knowledge that our star is a portal of some kind.

The easiest way to raise your vibration is to become service to others. This is what a Unity Consciousness world is! When Jesus came to Earth with the Christ Consciousness, his ministry would have had a great deal more success if there had been enough people hqdefaultwith a high enough vibration to follow him and his wife Mary Magdalene. When we free ourselves of the chains that have been wrapped around us, we will be free to choose what we want in our life, the Christ Consciousness is so much more than religion, it is a way to live and create, and since we are creators that have fallen from a higher consciousness way of being, it will not take us too long to be those creators once again.  Going to the 5th dimension, does not mean that our problems on the Earth are going to magically disappear, and we will have to work hard to restore Gaia’s surface to the pristine planet it once was.