A Must Read: NESARA Explained by ‘One Who Believes’

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January 15, 2017

A Must Read For Humans – Submitted by ‘One Who Believes’
Received via email from ‘One Who Believes’


A MUST Read For Humans

This is a HUGE document that covers NESARA and our World Change from a MUCH HIGHER Source. This is the most amazing description of what is happening in our World and frankly, information that you would NEVER, EVER, Hear or read anywhere else. I just found this today, and have book marked it, and copied the entire thing onto a word document, for my further study and posterity.

Sure we get “Intel” reports from Kent Dunn, Channeled Masters, Zorra and others, BUT, this information is way beyond anything you have EVER Heard from any of these sources, and unless you knew what to ask, and probably never would. It is the most comprehensive, exciting, interesting, and amazing thing I ever read, and…

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