Sandra Walter – Welcoming the NOW Year – Assisting the Global Trajectory – 12-30-16

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A Happy NOW Year to all as we experience the final Gateway of 2016 this weekend, which is open through the first week of January. All Lightworkers are encouraged to connect with this palpable, powerful influx of Divine Light available. New Year’s Eve into New Year’s day brings Divine encodements, which Gatekeepers and anyone in service may receive. Meditate or be in stillness as this light is distributed through the awakened collective via pure conduits. Use your crystals to anchor and hold these new codes. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, please revisit last week’s article for recommendations. Lightworkers, there is increased activity with the higher realms right now, stay focused and take care of the body.

Many are experiencing a pure level of Cosmic Mother frequencies, which is birthing a new platform for higher states of consciousness to be anchored on the planet. Whether you view…

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