This is the Way the World Works – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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This is the Way the World Works

I was just witness to a large act of generosity and, being with the experience afterwards, I found myself in bliss again.

This is red-hot news to me, not the Presidential race.

We are always-already bliss and just have barriers to seeing or feeling it.

Again, as on past occasions, bliss was there already and simply required me to recognize it. When I recognized it, when I acknowledged its presence, it swirled up in me like a master of the dance, like a cobra winding around my spine.

I surrendered to it and let it fill me up.  Yes, yes, this is the way the world works – in bliss.

I noticed how easy it was to overlook it. It didn’t advertise itself. It didn’t put a stick in my spokes…

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