The Event (E.T. Disclosure, Financial Reset) ~ October 22, 2016



This is a very nice detailed brief on exactly what the long awaited “Event” will be by Jonathan Carty. This article would be a very good way to introduce those who are either newly “awakened”, or those who are about to “awaken” to what many perceive as the “truth” of our current world.

With the Presidential elections looming with the mayhem that may be just around the corner, please keep this article close at hand…there may be those who want to read this. So…keep this article handy, stay still and allow, and…


You joining this group, or reading this article, is not an accident or has been done by chance. You are part of a group of people who are awakening and are seeking the truth to the biggest questions we have today.

There is a colossal global awakening happening right now. Things are being exposed and the house…

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