LORD SANANDA via ELIZABETH TRUTWIN – End of Karma, Duality – Huge Events, Revelations Coming – New Earth Is Born! – Nibiru Explained – Removal of A.I. Constructs – Arrests, Trials – War In Space! – Unfoldment of Truth – 10-17-16 –

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LORD SANANDA  via  ELIZABETH TRUTWIN   –   THE END OF DUALITY!   –   NEW EARTH   –   Full Moon in Aries    –   10-17-16   –   



Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin.

The Full Moon in Aries, October 16, 2016 marks the end of duality and the rising of New Earth. Niburu entered the Solar System of Earth last spring and is aligning with Earth’s orbit. This has caused some disturbances, an earthquake in Italy and 4 hurricanes close together. This is not about destruction, it simply is a result of the two Planets being in such close proximity at this time. Niburu, the Planet of the Crossing, is able to affect Earth in very positive ways by being this close. Tonight in the effulgence of the Full Moon which doubles the light pouring onto the skin of Earth, the Sun within…

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