Integrating Your Crystalline Lightbody In5D October 16, 2016

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Shelly Dressel,  via SpiritLibrary

You may ask, what is your Lightbody Energy? What is your crystalline energy body? This is the foundation for all the change happening upon and within the earth. When we say the energy of the earth is changing, it literally is changing! For me, when I speak of lightbody energy, I’m speaking of the crystalline energies that are now more prevalent upon the earth.

In the higher dimensions we vibrate at a faster rate. The crystalline energy that is integrating at this time is the foundation for this higher vibration. When we speak of the 5th dimension and higher, it’s based upon the lightbody or the crystalline. When you think about duality; it’s solidly within the 3rd dimension. Therefore as you integrate the lightbody energy, you are releasing duality.

During this channel you ‘met’ yourself as your lightbody energy while in the All…

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