Alexandra Meadors 10-16-16… “Urgent Message for Entire Ground Crew!!! October 16, 2016”

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alexandra_meadors_headshot_c_2Somewhere along the line, I have sensed there is a lot going on. I’d heard (or read) about stuff happening, like helicopters being in the air all over the place, etc. Then there was that Mission Galactic Freedom post. Holy crap!!… well, maybe it’s “Holy Light Influx!”

And now Alexandra’s message (“from a trusted anonymous Source”) may validate at least some of what I’m sure many have felt going on around (and within) them.

“This last couple of weeks have involved MAJOR PLANETARY SHIFTS through work I have been involved in or privy to. I have received the green light to disperse this information and recommend we all celebrate in such a momentous event.

Firstly, as of Monday the veil has “officially” come down and people will begin to see the truth of who they really are… Secondly, as of Thursday, TIME has been successfully unraveled and disentangled from…

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