James Gilliland Update – We are in the Last Days of the Tyrants – 9-22-16

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ECETI News Sept. 2016

James Gilliland Update   –   We are in the Last Days of the Tyrants   –   9-22-16


Here we go again more false flags in a last ditch effort to maintain the corrupt status quo. The powers that were are imploding. The Boston bombing, a complete botched false flag now has part two. Sandy Hook was also a complete failure unless you are a neutered zombie robot consumer believing the lame stream press; which unfortunately is the case for a lot of people. There is a saying, “You get the government you deserve.” If you are going to behave like ignorant sheep you create job security for the tyrants. There is an oath within most military and government enforcement agencies to protect and serve the people. Most take an oath to protect the constitution as well against enemies foreign and domestic. We need to walk our talk…

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