Energy Update – Surfing the Surreal, Navigating Inner Earthquakes, plus August Recap ~ LeeHarrisEnergy

2012 The Awakening

Editors Note: Absolutely LOVE Lee Harris’s ENERGY UPDATES! As always, here’s another EXCELLENT reading on the current energy’s, every category he lists below has been personally addressed in my life during the months of Sept and Aug – here he seriously nails the essence of my energetic journey over the last few weeks.

A life changing healing quest which has every aspect of my life shifting DRAMATICALLY upward on a Higher Path toward creating community, personal healing and information integration for the collective.

For myself, recent experiences relating to the “surreal feeling of living in the past” led to an intensely productive Tap Dance with my Shadow, forcing me to go inward and take a wrecking ball to the heavily fortified  walls of my ego to expose a hidden, lifelong patterns in where I wasn’t honoring certain Divine Feminine aspects of myself. And how those patterns call out the…

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