Eclipse Energies and the Unified Field of the New Time by D.L. Zeta

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Eclipse Energies and the Unified Field of the New Time by D.L. Zeta

September 10, 2016

The energies of the Sept. 16 full moon eclipse in Pisces are already filtering in, helping anchor and amplify the new time on planet Earth. This is the third in a rare triad of eclipses that began with the Aug. 18 lunar eclipse in Aquarius and amped up with the Sept. 1 solar eclipse in Virgo. These two recent eclipses set in place a unified field of love, cooperation and peace. Over the next few days, this field will be amplified by the powerful lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse in Pisces may initially give rise to feelings of anger and you may have the sense of pushing against limitations and old thought patterns that are holding you in place. These energies hold the power to help us gain clarity and insight into our lives and…

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