Archangel Michael via Ann Dahlberg – Earth is Now Shaking Off All Negativity – 9-9-16

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Archangel Michael

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlber


I am Michael who comes to you today to tell you about the new times that are approaching. You have received a divine gift in order to wake up to a new Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. There are many who want to be with you on Earth today. However, not all can descend onto Earth, but will have to be content with helping you from the dimension where they belong.

Earth is now shaking off all negativity and is letting what is positive and the Light appear ever more. Earth’s wishes are now starting to be fulfilled one after another. She has diligent helpers with her on, below and above ground. Everybody is working excitedly for her ascension. This is now primarily for her surface world. Gaia, our Earth, exists already in the fifth dimension. Now…

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