Breaking Through to a New Paradigm – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Breaking Through to a New Paradigm – Part 1/2

“Transparency and disclosure is a global unfoldment; every heart and mind will have to come clean. Revelation affects everyone, not just *the bad guys* – and you can accelerate all of it through your own transparency and disclosure. Express all that is within your heart, and the collective will reflect that.” (1)

I get the impact of the third wave she describes in her article. And I so agree on the importance of transparency and disclosure – our own, never mind the bad guys.

Without us disclosing and letting go of our unworkable ways, our relationships will only get more and more strained as we head into the more refined vibrations.

Take me. I made a profession as a child of being a complainer. Now the basic negativity of that profession colors…

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