Mercury Retrograde

donald-hillary-800Mercury goes retrograde in the 29th degree of Virgo, which could be auspicious and reminding us there are still details we need to be clear on. With the US election just over two months away, people who have been procrastinating on trying to figure out what is actually happening  need to focus on the fact that the choice is Hilary or Donald. Digging deep into the “election” and here are some truths that they desperately want to keep out of mainstream media. This election was planned years ago by the Clinton’s and Trump, and was really a joke, which turned out to be reality. Hilary is struggling with some kind of disease, where she is reluctant to go out in public and has to wear prismatic glasses. All signs point to a neurological disease, with the culprit being Parkinson’s or MS. She could only have six months left on this planet.

solar-eclipse-2016Solar eclipses are one of the strongest portals for our acceleration.

The Mercury retrograde occurs less than two days before a solar eclipse in Virgo. All eclipses are powerful moments, and when we look at an eclipse the first thing a person should do is find out how this eclipse will affect them. When a planet stations, which is what is happening to Mercury, it builds power. If you have any planets that are in the 29th degree there is some affect on your life. If it is a square or opposition then it will make things difficult until Mercury starts its reverse transit. Mercury retrograde can be difficult for a number of reasons, sometimes an event happens on that day and will not be resolved until the messenger planet returns to that degree. When I see a planet go retrograde I always plan for the worst, and right now I have a number of business decisions to make, and I will not implement them until after the retrograde.

A stellium is when three or more planets are conjunct.  At its retrograde station Mercury forms a stellium with Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Virgo. Now the more powerful stelliums are when the planets are all in one sign. Usually Mercury is constantly moving, that is not the case this time and will become more important at this time. Astrology in its basic form is symbolism. Mercury is the planet of communication, Venus is a financial planet and Jupiter is good fortune, so you should see some welcome news about finances especially if you are linked to the stellium in some way.