REPOST – Jenny Schiltz – Guide For Surviving the Releasing Process and Downloads – Going Beyond Cutting Cords – 12-22-14

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Jenny Schiltz

We have entered a new phase in this ascension process. Instead of downloads coming at determinate times, they are non-stop now. The light codes are intense and are changing everything in our world, but even more so, it is changing us. No longer will we see huge leaps taken in groups upon planet alignments, solstices and other events. Now, more so than ever this process has become very personal and individualized.

Our bodies are going from a carbon structure to a crystalline structure. The only way it can do this is for us to clear and remove all things that no longer serve. This encompasses so many aspects of our life and it can make this process long and painful. Understand that with the switching on of our DNA to begin accepting the downloading of the crystalline codes, we are going through a physical and mental cleansing. Most…

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