Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius

If you are interested in Astrology go to Astrodients and if you know your birth time, set up your own chart – it’s free and will help you immensely over the next couple of years. If you don’t have your birth time then send me an email and I will do a rectification for you. A birth chart is invaluable for being prepared. For this Saturn Mars conjunction those people who have planets between 0-20° in Virgo, Gemini and Pisces, this could be a bit of rough water. I have both Saturn and Mars at 5° Virgo and Saturn at 7° Sagittarius so you could say that I am right in the archers bulls eye. Since this is the third conjunction this year of these planets, whatever needed to be shaken loose in your life, has done so and now there will be greater movement and the ability to take a new more disciplined direction.  Those with the conjunction and another planet will be better equipped to move forward on their path. People with planets in Virgo or Pisces will have some work to do during this transit, the Virgo person has some mental work to do, Saturn requires discipline so this will be a good time to meditate and have a focused intent on what changes you need to make. Pisces people will need to work on their emotional side and ascertain what part of their emotions need to undergo some repair. The person with a planet in Gemini is going to find that there is an energy drain, focus and discipline will be needed to overcome this transit. For example someone with Jupiter at  9 °Gemini will have to be careful with how much energy they are giving out to other people, right now there is a lack of abundance and Saturn in this aspect requires you to have thoughts about your purpose in life.  So, how should people with Jupiter in Gemini experience this transit?  It’s about working hard to find our faith. We should feel very motivated, during this time, to go after the vision of bigger, better things. Jupiter in Gemini is all about using both sides of your brain to make the changes needed.

Mars is about taking action and getting what you want. It’s assertive, aggressive, and competitive. So, this Mars in Sagittarius transit is teaching us to take action and assert ourselves through freeing ourselves. It’s an energy that’s about acting on faith. We’re all feeling somewhat more reckless and intrepid nowadays because of it, as well as more hopeful. But, it’s interesting that the Sagittarius Mars is now conjunct the Sagittarius Saturn, which will proceed throughout this month. It’s a powerful blend of the hopeful, faithful, inspired quality of Sagittarius and the realistic, hardworking, dutiful nature of Saturn.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius is the kind of energy that can make people quit their jobs in order to do what they really love. But, of course, Saturn still wants you to be responsible about it. Saturn in Sagittarius is a contradiction and a fine balance because of that. So, live with the wind in your hair and take that risk. But, at the same time, do it shrewdly. Get another job lined up before you quit this one, all while trusting in the Universe and knowing that the new job will fall into your lap.

This is a major lesson for Sagittarius Saturn people, many of whom settle for a mundane, boring existence instead of living out their truth. It might seem frightening to you to be that adventurous and that free-spirited. But, just know that there are practical ways to do it. If we try to, we will experience the consequences.