The astrological outlook for August – James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper

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Virgo painting by Yuhon at Tumblr. 7.8Virgo Painting by Yuhon @ Tumblr.


August 2016

Written By James Tyberonn

The astrological outlook for August continues for the first half of the month with the intense astronomical gravity blends that can be emotionally topsy-turvy with wildly chaotic swings and a marked trend of uncharacteristic illogical thinking.  There is an aspect of illusion that comes into play, at a time in which fuzzy thinking can leave one especially vulnerable & rather incognizant of deceptions.

Normally, we focus our astrological interpretations on the duality, meaning that every aspect has its positive and not so positive aspects.  But we are presently in a highly charged amalgam of energies, and there are some unusual influences & forces given leeway during the month of August that we feel must be duly noted.  The old adage of ‘Measure twice before cutting once’, may be better stated as ‘measure thrice’ throughout the 1st three…

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