Washing away our layers – Energy Update by Jenny Schiltz

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Washing away our layers – Energy Update by Jenny Schiltz

Posted on August 2, 2016 

I asked the guides to explain to me the energies and what people are going through in a way that makes sense to me. What they showed me was an ornate sand castle on the beach. Waves upon waves were coming and as they hit it was taking bits and pieces of the sand castle changing the entire structure. What was being uncovered was the most beautiful pink seashell that glowed. At times the waves completely took the pieces and washed them away. Other times it seemed that the pieces stayed attached though no longer in the form they were in. This they showed me is our resistance, the suffering.. the hanging on to what is not in alignment with our souls (the pink seashell).

So here we are going through our layers. Now is…

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