Heavenletter #5730 – What the World Looks Like to You – 8-2-16

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God said:

Beloveds, to go along in life according to My Will would be as easy as pie if only you knew and accepted My Will. You are not sure. The thing is that you question a lot. You may turn over in your mind what you hear, and you may take a dim view of life as it is spread out before you.

You may second-guess Me. The idea of this is a bit amusing, isn’t it? You may sit there sure that you know better than God! I mean, isn’t this a wee bit laughable? Surely your lips turn up with beginning of a smile. I don’t know how you can keep from laughing.

The fact is that you may not hear Me at all. I don’t mean that you have not heard plenty regarding Me. You have heard…

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