Business not as Usual

David_Wilcock_Search178This is a really good show and covers many different topics on partial timeline disclosure. He announces that the partial timeline disclosure the dark cabal will no longer work. There are too many whistle blowers and people who have made their voice heard, through blogs or social media. Fantastic! In this video he talks about the music industry and their insidious use of music to dumb down people.

David Wilcock continues his chronological examination of news reports from 2015 which have been building up to disclosure. But, we are left with more questions than answers, such as: What is with the strange trumpet-like sounds resounding from skies all over the world? What is the secret space plane, X-37B, up to as it launches on another mysterious mission? Are mass media conglomerates trying to dumb down the populace with the lyrics of popular music? It seems that is business not as usual, when it comes to the Cabal’s attempts to disrupt disclosure. This presentation was originally webcast August 1, 2016. – See more at: