New Moon Wish

When the new moon occurs in a sign of the zodiac, wishes that are in harmony with the energy currently activated by that sign in the atmosphere are especially potent. Tomorrow there is a new moon, this would be a good time to wish for something that is where the new moon has occurred.   During this time of the new moon and for eight hours after it has occurred you can wish for as many things as you want, however if you want to improve your chances of the wish coming into manifestation then one wish will be stronger and more likely to come true, especially if you resonate with it. Making wishes trust yourself and tune in to where your energy resonates. The idea is to be in touch with what you would really like to have happen and what feels appropriate to you as you absorb the energy of the current new moon. For best results, use your intuition, and try and manifest  what you feel drawn to wish for, and not what you think you should wish for.