Yellow Electric Seed

e-seedOn this day of the week called Limi, which means purify in the first week is  knowledge initiated view.  This means that what the Universe wants to bring into my information field is needed to be purified.  Today I set my sights on Limi the 6th day of the week of the astro-wave. I will not use the word calendar, because the actual meaning of calendar is account book. Using the Gregorian calendar  the law of time means money= energy(time). A mechanism used to track time is one of the most important objects in a civilization. It is always being looked at and examined, with important dates being written onto it.  This is the reason why we as a society have to move away from the calendar if we truly want to be a free society.  The astro-wave is a timing mechanism that can be followed to improve and change your consciousness. Following the 13 moon astro-wave syncnotron changes the law of time to art = energy(time).  Beginning on Dali in the second week I will focus on the meaning of the days and how it translates with the solar sign tone and week of the month.

Yellow Electric Seed
Green Central Castle of Enchantment
Earth family- Gateway      Clan- Fire
I activate in order to target
Bonding awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of elegance

Most of the work for me in astrology is connecting symbolism together. For me yellow electric seed on Limi in the first week. Knowledge initiates view, or what you view initiates knowledge, which you can then activate and bring into your awareness so it can blossom into a gateway and open portals into a better understanding of what you want to learn.