WELCOME TO NEW EARTH, ASCENDING! – Introducing Our Lightworker Community! – Zorra, from Planet Lemur, Introduces Hollow Earth (29:30) – He is Protector of Hollow Earth, 6th Dimension – The People, the Animals live in Harmony – Disclosure Is Imminent – You Are Endless, Unlimited! – You are all Healers! – Nibiru will make a Controlled Pass – City of Light in Sedona,AZ – Mothership New Jerusalem, seen as Venus, is home to Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar – Bringing our Earth into Complete Harmony – Galactic Federation is Clearing your Skies,Oceans,Streams; removing Radiation – Returning Earth to Pristine State – 20. Earthquakes, at some point, will trigger The Gathering – 7-30-16

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WELCOME TO… NEW EARTH, ASCENDING!   Introducing Our Lightworker Community!  –   7-30-16


Today’s show will introduce the first in a series of introductions to many in our Lightworking community. I have been told by various sources that we are transitioning into one Earth Collective and it is so important that we all KNOW one another – enabling and supporting one another, as One.

We greet you and welcome you to, today, receiving personal information from two well-known sources:

Zorra, from HollowEarthNetwork.com will introduce himself and the importance of our two civilizations connecting and knowing one another. Yes, a highly evolved 6th Dimensional civilization is peacefully living within our planet and has been concerned over our waring activities which could endanger their existance. Yes, they have aero ships – and yes, they are in direct communication with the Galactic Federation of Light, Sananda and Ashtar. Much is soon to…

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