Jesus through John – Total Self-honesty is an essential aspect of the Awakening Process – 7-31-16

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Jesus through John   –   Total self-honesty is an essential aspect of the awakening process   –   7-31-16

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday July 31st


Humanity’s return to full consciousness, its awakening from the illusion, is proceeding apace. A massive awareness is growing that life on Earth followed by death are not your final destiny, that in fact what you are experiencing on Earth is but a passing moment in which you are learning the lesson that Love is All That Exists, and that your physical forms are are purely temporary vehicles or residences that you occupy while you do this. They are ideal for this purpose, but when you all “graduate,” as you all will, you will no longer have need of them because your natural state is infinitely limitless and filled with potentiality beyond your wildest dreams. The joy you will experience in Reality, at Home…

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