White Magnetic Wind

s30x30.glyph2Good morning everyone today is a White Magnetic Wind day. It is the start of a a brand new wave spell and is a galactic activation portal. To see the wave spell.  Click on the link to start working with the Green Castle of Enchantment  wave spell.

The moon is set firmly in Gemini for the day so it is a good time to use your minds. Check out Gemini moon for a more detailed description of what this day is good for. Later this afternoon Uranus goes retrograde and for a lot of people it will turn their life upside down. Check out Uranus retrograde , this planet goes retrograde every year for six months and likes to shake the cobwebs out of your life. Just a reminder that there is a long void-of-course starting at 4:46am and lasting till 2:09pm when it finally enters Cancer.