Uranus retrograde

Uranus is retrograde once every year and retrogrades for six months a year. Just as other retrogrades do, the push here is more internal than external. Uranus’ retrograde may change things. It may be an abrupt, forceful and extreme change that it takes your mind, heart and life in an entirely new path.

One of the most significant periods of time for a person is when Uranus makes an opposition to natal Uranus. This planet hates complacency and brings about change. Uranus retrograde brings about a need to be more autonomous, especially if Uranus figures strongly in your chart. Most of the times though if you are in a rut and your energy is stagnant then this retrograde period should shake out some of the cobwebs.





Great changes in our thinking and perspectives happen during this time too. Some individuals may find that their personalities may suddenly be different for no reason. A generally deliberate person who plans everything out will become spontaneous. Sometimes people confront the things they have dreaded to do in life.

You may feel dissatisfied with your lot in life and want to make changes. Uranus stir you to do something that was inevitable and in order to stay happy and sane will happen sooner or later.

To see your life through a different set of eyes brings about so many revelations and Uranus in doing this helps us discover a new path.
Uranus tends to be more potent in retrograde and tends to stimulate deep psychological investigation and analysis. This is an excellent time for mental studies that explore human behavior and psychology. It favors activities that require bursts of inventive and intuitive energy. It favors psychological counseling connected with freedom urges and disconnected patterns of relating.