Today is a Crystal Sun day


It is a Yellow Crystal Sun day on this the second day of the Magnetic Moon. Venus is exalted in Taurus and that is where the moon is all day today. For those planning on buying a car or a house. Taurus is the day you should plan to do the deal on. A lot of things go your way and those expensive purchases aren’t lemons or money pits. Have a glorious day!

shopping, advertise, beauty, buying expensive assets

Taurus is all about elegance, dealing with money, ownership, and possession’s. These natives enjoy physical comfort and this is how you should work with this moon. Great time to enjoy the comforts of life, a massage. Also an ideal time to take a walk in nature. During this moon it pays to be persistent and persevere through problems and this will be a good way of ridding yourself of the stagnation that can creep into your life. If you are having any problems with people getting in your way, this is a good time to set boundaries. This is a good day to start new things.