Andrew Bartzis Update – Strange and Unusual Times – ascension with earth .com – 7-26-16

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We live in strange and unusual times. Our reality is compressed in scores of ways. Our natural energy is suppressed by the cultural doctrines of the few who rule the many. Now is the time to let go of the projections of others. Now is the time to disconnect from the global infrastructure of distraction and connect into the inter-connectivity of the higher spirit, the source incarnate now.

Mystics since the dawn of time have sought the times we live in now. Millions of generations past have built the astral and physical world we live in now. We stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors receiving the torch of eldership with the action of being an illuminated being in these strange times of now.

Today is a good day to co-create with the sacred neutral point of view, so each can expand their knowingness without stepping on…

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