Virgo Moon

If you are wanting to start a diet or exercise routine this is the time. You can at this time establish good health habits including weight control. It is also a good time to go see a healer. Now is the time to do some critical thinking about jobs and work projects. You have greater discernment and a keener focus. Today you can work with coworkers and there is more willingness to adapt and be conscientious. You can do some great analysis about how to get more efficient and eliminate or restructure paperwork. Handling details  will come much easier to you as will just about everything that has to do with an office environment. What often happens is there is less distractions and less waiting on the phones. Meetings often go smoother and take less time with more work accomplished as people take less time to bring order out of the usual chaos and have a better  ability to see how the pieces fit.

Timing is everything and picking the proper time to start doing something is important. This will be a good time to start dealing with  worry, criticism, blame and judgment. People who tend to be workaholics can be reasoned with.