Moon – Void of Course

When the last major aspect to the Sun or planets is made in a sign, the time between this aspect and the moon entering the next sign is called Void-of-course.

The Moon goes void of course every two days or so, and this can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. In August 2002, it lasted for almost three days when the Moon failed to make any aspects while in the sign of Cancer.

There is a distinctive quality to the energy during a void-of-course Moon: Stores and restaurants are unusually quiet, judgment is impaired, and many people have a hard time making decisions. Business meetings can take a strange turn, and people find it difficult to work together as a group.

When the moon is void of course it is a good time to do work that is not important.


  1. Routine work.
  2. Organizing your papers and cleaning.
  3. Spiritual disciplines like yoga or meditation take on a new dimension. Throw a party.
  4. Edit and correct: Writers use this time to revise their work. New ways of expressing ideas can be found during this time.
  5. Look ahead and be prepared: This can be a productive time for planning and finally going through those emails, that have been shutting down servers. It is easy to see what needs to be brought up to date during the void-of-course Moon. Much can be accomplished, and a profound sense of clarity and satisfaction is often experienced.
  6. Try something new, you will make mistakes, and it will take time to learn, this is exactly what this period is like, everything takes longer to do
  7. With the moon bereft of power for that time, you may be more intuitive and able to connect with your inner self in a stronger way.

What not to do during this time.

  1. Do not start important or life-changing projects during the void-of-course Moon: The outcome will not be what you want or expect.
  2. Try to avoid meeting new people: A first date or job interview should not be scheduled during the void. People you first meet while the Moon is void of course you will tend to put on a pedestal, and what would have been a one time date may
  3. Expensive items bought during this time are usually lemons or money pits. If you have to buy something at that time it become something more.
  4. Do not start a new job when the Moon is void of course.
  5. Plans made during the void-of-course Moon do not turn out as expected: This can be used in a constructive way. Say, for example, that there is a luncheon you don’t want to attend, a relative you don’t want to meet, or someone wants you to do would be a something you really don’t want to do like skydiving. Donald Trump chose to accept the nomination for the Republicans when the moon was void-of-course?

Void of course is quite a bit like a Mercury retrograde, and when good idea to buy disposable.Mercury and Venus are retrograde at the same time as the void of course everything is subject to change and you may end up jumping out of the plane.

In our world you don’t usually have a choice on when an appointment is scheduled. This can’t be helped and there is a pretty good chance that the appointment will be canceled or you will have such a lousy meeting that another one will have to be scheduled.




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