Leo Moon

When the moon is in Leo it is great time to get creative, as this moon brings out your artistic expression. There is a lot of passion in love and this would be a great time to have a first date, this is the time when people are more radiant, generous and more concerned with bringing joy encouragement and kindness to the table. If you are dealing with some loyalty issues these can be dealt with at this time. This would be the number one time to go on vacation with the idea to just have fun, play games take in parties and recreational sports. Also a good time for taking risks like sky diving or white water rafting. If you have an eye for centre stage and recognition. Leo is the sign of the actor and at this time you can have a lot of self-confidence and powerful individual expression. This time will bring about a great benevolence strength of purpose and concentrated focus. If you are long range planning this would be the time to show your, leadership, as you will have a greater ability to follow through and better stamina.

This is also a time when you can start dealing with issues of being overly dramatic, self-centred, extravagance and bossy.