Astro-wave calendar

Mastering Alchemy has changed my life in many ways, and the development of the Astro-Wave calendar may not have been possible without the ability to clear my mind and work with the triangles and layers of thought. The Astro-Wave is a fifth dimensional tool that will help a person become more 5th dimensional.

The astro-wave calendar is based upon the 13 moon peace calendar, which is 28 days for each month. These months are named and are based on the Mayan calendar. The Mayans were time keepers who followed the Tzolkein, who is the galactic timekeeper. At one time the Mayans used up to 17 calendars, they had a very unusual way of keeping track of their people. In Mayan astrology there are 20 solar signs and 13 tones, when you multiply these two numbers together you will get 260 and this is the exact amount of the Tzolkein, and also the amount of days it takes to make one galactic spin.

A calendar is the centre of the civilization, everybody works with the calendar. The 13 moon calendar is a natural calendar based on the Galaxy, moon and the sun. The Gregorian calendar is a mechanical calendar based on 12X60 mechanical time. This calendar is crooked calendar that is based on dead emperors and is made up of a deliberately varied length of days of months. This calendar was set in place to keep track of taxes and religious holidays. The law of time on this third dimensional world is a formula  money= energy(time). On a fifth dimensional unity consciousness planet the formula is art= energy(time). There is a bifurcation of energy on the planet earth, with the separation of densities, the flora and fauna of the planet as well as the atmosphere, and some of the people are fifth dimensional. The rest of the planet’s third dimensional, and this produces a warped biosphere, which produces pollution. For more on the calendars

The law of time is an organization that people wanting to learn more about the 13 moon peace calendar and the law of time, timeship earth, the noosphere and more. There is a tutorial available to show you how to work with the destiny oracle and wavespells as well as finding your galactic signature. For more information on your galactic signature  will explain in detail your galactic signature and is just as detailed as any astrological birth chart.

The astrological part of the calendar is tracking the moon as it moves from sign to sign, as well as keeping you aware of void of course, when the moon has moved from the last aspect made on an astrological planet to the time when it makes another. When the moon is void of course the force needed for anything other than mundane issues, is missing. Interestingly some people who know this use this as a tool to not have to do something. Donald Trump at the RNC accepted the nomination to be the Republican candidate with the moon void of course. The astro-wave will track the major astrological connections and explain the implications of them in your life.

It is my hope that people enjoy using this calendar, as much as I have putting it together.