St. Germaine on An Hour with an Angel – It’s time for the Next Step – Surrender to the Vibration of Love – Be the Truth of Who You Are – Golden Age Of Gaia – 7-14-16

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July 14, 2016 – Steve Beckow:
This week on An Hour with an Angel, St. Germaine led our discussion into the importance of surrender.

“It is time for the next step,” he said in the pre-recording, “this monumental undertaking of surrender.” Golden openings are available to us right now.

Ascension has never been easier, he explained. We’re being flooded not only by the violet flame, the I AM presence, the legions of light, the Company of Heaven, but we’re also being washed and cleansed and raised up to a frequency that we’ve never known. Our job is simply to allow this to happen.

In surrendering, he said, we’re being the beacon, the transmitter of love, completely outside of judgment. We’re both the observer and the participant at the same time in the building of…

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