The Tide is Turning: July 2016 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

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The Tide is Turning  

July 2016 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

Peace and Blessings,

In the June Energy Forecast Titled Complete Freedom, we began to explore the opening that was becoming available for humanity in regards to experiencing complete freedom.

We are now in uncharted waters when it comes to our experience of freedom.

The reason being is that for thousands of years, the human psyche has only known how to exist within a third dimensional reality that includes a form of oppression and/or conditional agenda behind it.

This linear reality operated mostly in states of cause and effect, where it becomes a challenge to experience real freedom.

As a result of the millions of Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Healers and Empaths around the world who have been consistently nurturing their inner healing and spiritual journey for decades, the world is evolving at lightning speed.

The Tide is Turning

Whatever we…

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