Andrew Bartzis – Dreamtime Potential Pt1 – Cellular Skeletal Memory, Silver Salt Sage, Body Defrag ~ ServantOfTruth .org

2012 The Awakening

Something from Andrew’s wisdom related to Dreamtime…

Some topics are…..Cellular Memory, Body Skeleton and Skull Storage, The Brains Role to Process the Data Stored in these Body Locations, Dreamtime Infinite v Conscious Finite Crossover, Self Challenging Techniques to Access and Process Infinity, Dreamtime Societies, Mapping The Pathways of Past Present and Future Shamans, Body in the Womb Starting with the Heart, Crown Energy, Process all Energy into Root Exercise, Fields of Plenty in Dreamtime, Processing Spiritual Contracts…..


Root Chakra importance, Kundalini Energy Required to store memory, Clearing Data Packets in the Body, Feet Importance from Dreams, Crystal Body Locations at the tailbone and neck/head, Silver Salt and Sage Zip lock bags, Ego blocking the process due to change, Crystal and Salt downloading from the body to allow space for Body Storage and Increased Dream Energy and Kundalini Energy Productions, The importance of the back of the neck to bypass…

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