Dana Mrkich: Being the ‘new’ you around your ‘old’ life

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Dana Mrkich: Being the ‘new’ you around your ‘old’ life
May 26, 2016

A question came through on the Let Love In page* regarding how much more easeful it is to ‘rechoose’ who you are while travelling eg shedding old patterns etc, and what a struggle it can be to maintain that when you get back home. I wanted to share my reply here because I thought how similar the experience of a long travel trip is, to the process of change we go through during our ongoing ‘inner travel’ trips and awakening process. Both trigger similar challenges when it comes to how to stay true to your ‘new’ while continuing to still be in some ‘old’.

When we travel (actual travel or inner growth) we get a chance to discover more of who we are without being boxed in to being that person’s daughter, that person’s brother, that…

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