Méline Portia Lafont – Inner Earth Beings – A message from Telos – 5-11-16

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Méline Portia Lafont  –   Inner Earth Beings   –   A message from Telos   –     5-11-16



Beloved Love Tribe,

A quick note before our message of today from Telos Inner Earth. A couple of weeks ago I was notified by one of the Beings of Telos that he would come into my awareness and into my life. So I knew I could expect a message after this experience. Those who have been following my work from the beginning know I have channeled messages from The Agarthians (Magatha) in the year 2012 – 2013, but never from Telos. So this was new for me and I was blessed to experience one of those Beings into human form not so long ago.

It was so special and an intense experience I had that I rather want to keep it to myself but what I can share is that I experienced…

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