Major Update 2 of 2… David Wilcock FB Update 5-14-16… “‘The Ascension Mysteries’ is finished!” (now for more articles!) – 5-15-16

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David_Wilcock_Search178This was also discovered on Justin’s SitsShow site.

“There are very significant reasons for why it is “so quiet right now” and don’t let that fool you — very major stuff is going down. Hopefully I can get it written up in the next 2-3 days at the most. I have to.

” Corey has just written a small briefing of what has happened in his world after I had delayed it too much to write about it on my end due to these immovable obstacles. I will be weaving these data points into a much larger narrative once we get there:

“I hate to say it this way but I am absolutely blown away by how good it [the book] is. I can hardly wait to see the type of reactions this is going to cause and the magnitude of spiritual awakening it…

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