Integrating Who We Are – Kara Schallock @ Soulstice Rising

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Integrating Who We Are – 10-May-2016

We are moving more strongly into integrating our New Selves; we are embodying a whole new way of being. Life experiences are new and different and if we attempt to act in the old ways of controlling, planning and are inflexible, things just do not work out. The New is about being flexible and flowing. Things are not linear; they ebb and flow. Integrating our New Selves is how we flow with life’s changes now. And this takes being in the Moment and feeling what to do or not do. This Flow helps us embody our Soul more. In the old, we thought of ourselves as separate and just pushed our way through everything. Soul does push or control; it simply is. Being centered in the current moment is the only we can truly feel what we…

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