Taoist Stillness Practices: Slowing the Whirly-gig of Mind – Tom Kenyon

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Taoist Stillness Practices:
Slowing the Whirly-gig of Mind

by Tom Kenyon

When I was a kid, I owned a bright steel-blue Schwinn bicycle with balloon tires. On my block it was considered really cool to attach playing cards to the spokes of one’s tires so that they would make noise. And so ever wanting to be accepted by my pre-adolescent peers, I adorned my shiny wonder with an entire pack, yes… an entire pack! I borrowed an assortment of clothes pins from my mother and attached the cards in every conceivable space. As a result, when I rode around the neighborhood, it sounded like a mad cacophony of firecrackers gone amuck.

To top off the whole thing, I attached two whirly-gigs to the handlebars. I taped them on with duct tape, one to the right and one to the left. Even back then…

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