Garbage in Garbage out

When you go to bed at night you should always review your day, and then get rid of it. If you are reading this blog you probably already know about St. Germain’s violet flame, so I will use that modality, so there isn’t too much too learn at one time. When a person goes to a therapist for help with anxiety or depression, one of the tools they will use is neuro-linguistic programming, or NLPR. I call it time line therapy and it is a very useful tool. If you are addicted, NLPR can bring you back on your timeline to the first time you chose to throw those dice or light that cigarette. When you look at your timeline it will show up for you as frames. Just have the intention to revisit that first time and it will automatically take you back. Then you can do a couple of things choose to do something else and recreate a new time line. There are an infinite number of timelines and there are an infinite number where you decided to not indulge. A lot of the times the Universe will make it difficult for you to actually partake, and all we need is to not follow the course to our addiction and it will change our whole life. When you decide to change your timeline, take that piece of timeline where you did and use St. Germain’s torch and have a bonfire or explode it into millions of pieces. This is what you should do every night and get rid of the day you just had. You can’t live in the past or the future, your power isn’t there it is in the Now, so why bother keeping thoughts about the day.

Your brain does not and could not keep every day of your life in your timeline. The ones that are just ordinary, where nothing happens, are blown away by your mind. By the way even if you can still see that bit of the timeline you torched, it has no power to affect you anymore, unless you let it. So if you can be diligent and make it a habit to every night take a few minutes to purge your mind of the day you just experienced then you will be much happier. The happy parts of your day are still there, only the energy that all the people have tied up in your pleasant memory, can be returned to them.

Most people are running an energy deficit. There is so much of our energy trapped in other people that it is sometimes a wonder that people are able to create their life at all. Hold on! Newsflash, unless you have done some work removing implants, energy vampires and peoples control dramas, you won’t have enough to create your life the way you want it. This is the important part, if you don’t have enough power to hold an intention to co-create your life, it gets done for you. Welcome to life in the fast lane.