Heavenletter #5634 – A Bag of Surprises – 4-28-16 –

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God said:

You are free on Earth. It may not seem so to you. You may feel bogged down in so many matters that you are overwhelmed.

Dear Ones, you are free even to be overwhelmed. It is not a stretch to say that out of a peck of opportunities, you may well have chosen one named Overwhelmed.

There are so many choices in life before you. All of them are for you to choose from.

You even have the choice to run away from what you would love to choose. You may put your hand out, and then pull your hand back. You do not give yourself credit for the ability to achieve your desires, and so you back away, or, perhaps, it can be said that you back away from fulfilling a desire of yours out of timidity or…

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