Steve Beckow – Starseeds: Waiters at the Banquet of Ascension – 4-28-16

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This article is perhaps my favorite. A blast from the past – 2011 to be exact.

I think I may have said earlier (maybe not) that most people reading this blogsite and all the other sites on 2012, are in my estimation Starseeds. Terrestrials reading these sites, I believe, might mostly say, “Hey, these folks are nut cases. I’m outta here. Stanley Cup’s on tonight.”  Starseeds feel some resonance, perhaps for a reason they know not. Terrestrials may not feel a resonance at all or they may not feel it until after Disclosure.

But we all feel a tug when we encounter this information, and that’s probably as it should be.

We Starseeds signed on to wait tables at the banquet of Ascension so we’re supposed to feel that tug. We’re going to carry the food from the chefs (angels, ascended masters, and galactics) to the banquet guests (terrestrials)…

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