Heavenletter #5632 – Fear and Time Do a Dance Together – 4-26-16

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Heavenletter #5632   –   Fear and Time Do a Dance Together   –   4-26-16

God said:

Fear not. How can you be buoyant in love when you fear? When you fear, you see shadows all over. Shadows are only shadows. They are not real. You fear shadows. The shadows don’t hurt you.

Your radical acceptance of fear hurts you. Fear makes you take a stand for shadows. You bow down to shadows.

Fear is a concept you have bought into. Fear is a response. It is a reaction. It is not a brave act that your heart trembles as if there were no tomorrow. It does not behoove you to re-enact fear, to give it yet another face, and keep fear’s face alive.

Well, in Truth, there is no tomorrow and no yesterday. Time is a temporary-seeming pause in the Structure of the Universe. It is an aberration. Fear cannot…

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